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Memory's Past; Chapter 2

Okay, I've had this written for a few weeks. >_> & I haven't even started chapter 3 yet so blehhhrg.

Title: Memory's Past (2/?)
Rating: PG
Pairing: H/Hr
Wordcount: 706

Chapter 2

"Argh! Gods, Hermione, what the bloody hell was that for?" Harry yelled, rubbing his cheek tenderly where Hermione had slapped him.

Breathing heavily, seething with anger, "10---years---not---one---bloody---owl---you---BASTARD!" she spun around and ran toward the stairs.

"Hermione! HERMIONE, WAIT, DAMMIT!" screamed Harry as he charged up after her. He could sense the wards Hermione had put up here, but Harry had a unique talent of being able to break through even the strongest of wards. Choked sobbing sounds were coming from the room on his left. Gently, he rapped on the door. "Hermione?" he asked softly,"I'm coming in." He slowly inched open the door. Walking over to the bed she was lying on, Harry sighed. He sat down and tucked a loose piece of hair behind Hermione's ear as her tears began to cease. She looked up and glared at him.

"I hate you," she hissed, "get out."

Harry felt his stomach drop. Hate? Nononono. Keep your cool, Potter. She's being rash. "You don't hate me, Hermione."

"Yes, actually, I do."

"No, you don't. And if you didn't really want me here, we both know you'd be able to keep me out."

"Just...just please leave me alone, Harry," she whispered hoarsley. Harry nodded and stood up.

Walking back down the stairs, the litle boy from the Magical Menagerie was entering the bookstore. He apprently hadn't got a cat like he had wanted, for there were none in sight. He eyed Harry curiously. "Why were you upstairs? Thats my house. I'm telling mum!" As the boy darted upstairs, Harry only had a few brief seconds to realize how much he looked like Hermione's daughter, Carrie. Twins? Harry asked himself as he apparated back home.


Taking a bag of chips off the top of his fridge, Harry walked to his room and plopped down on his bed. Harry flipped through the channels of his TV as he munched on the chips. "Dammit! Nothing is on." he threw the remote against the wall and grunted. His day sucked, and he was thoroughly screwed. He wished he had a time-turner to go back ten years and do things over. It was too late. Hermione was married, and she had kids. Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, great-Voldemort-vanquisher, the man-who-missed-out-on-the-best-girl-ever.

Harry had fallen asleep. He'd been doing that a lot lately. A gentle rapping on the door had woken him up. The wards around his house kept everyone out except for...

Hermione. They hadn't spoken in eleven ears, but she was still the only person he trusted with his life.

He could feel her pesecense in the room as she opened the door. "Harry. Look, I'm sorry. I've had loads of n my mind lately, and seeing you made me snap...with the divorce and the kids and the shop, I'm just exhausted..."

"Wait, divorce?" Harry inturrpted.

"Divorce, escaping my own private hell, whatever you want to call it." she said bitterly.

"Care to tell me what happened? The Prophet made it seem like you were helpless in love with a wonderful, handsome, rich muggle; any woman's dream. A fairytale ending."

"Ha, bloody, ha. I thought that, too. For the first year or so, anyway. But after the twins were born, Mal changed. The twins were so small when they were born....and then as they got older, they always seemed to have whatever cold was going around. Malcoln is a person who despises weakness, so he basically shunned Carrie & Cory, viewing them as inadequate and pathetic," her voice trembled, "I became a single mother in the most important ways, and had to quit my job. Eventually he turned on me....saying I was 'coddling his children, making them even weaker' among other things. Each passing year he seemed to get colder and more ruthless. When he gave me this---"Hermione rolled up the sleeve of her blouse, revealing a jagged scar that ran from her wrist to her elbow, "I finally came to my senses and left. Eventually I opened the bookstore, and here we are. Are you happy now, Harry? Now that you're not in the dark?" Harry looked up at her and noticed tears spilling from her eyes.

On an impulse, he reached over and embraced her, kissing the top of her head.

chapter one

I had all of that written down in my notebook except for the last sentence. I have to write that in now, so Audriana won't feel left out. D:

chapter 3 coming whenever I write it. XD haven't even started it yet. >_>
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