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I stumbled upon a 'what will happen at the end of book 7' post over @ harryhermione. I comment with 'Harry'll kill Voldemort and...then maybe become mentally ill? because of the trauma...' and so that turned into this.

Title: Numb
Pairing: H/Hr
Warning: major character death, suicide
Summary: :(
Wordcount: 147


You pop the cap, take a swig of water and swallow the pills. Will it stop now? Please, oh please make it stop...

My head hurts and there's thoughts, thoughts that I'm not sure are I going mad? What is wrong with me? Someone's never enough. It won't work. It hasn't yet, so why do you keep taking them? There has to be something more. Something to take away the pain. The memories.

You're so numb. You reckon you're a zombie now. There's nothing anymore. Nothing worthwile. Your purpose here is complete. Nobody to live for. Nobody would care if you just...

You'd see your parents, your godfather again...and most importantly, you'd be back with her.

Why, oh, why did they take her away...everyone I love dies...

You can make it stop. He's gone. Nothing to fight anymore. The evil's gone.

And're gone, too.
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