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Memory's Past; Chapter 4

I've had most of this written for quite awhile. :( but I've been too lazy/busy to actually type it up! I think there'll be one more chapter after this. I had a hell of a lot more planned to this story, but recently I've gotten a million more plot bunnies in my head and I'm not as fond of this story anymore.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Title: Memory's Past (4/?)
Pairing: H/Hr
Wordcount: 617
Disclaimer: ;_; nope. Still don't own them.
A/N: yeah. This story is completely AU now. As will be most of my future fics. Yay!

Harry Potter was an idiot. Not only was he an idiot, but he was terrible when it came to displaying affection, and was even worse when it came to girls. She knew this. She'd known this since she first noticed Harry fancied Cho Chang in third year. It had taken him almost two years to finally go out with Cho. Hermione was usually quite observent when it came to Harry. But, after eleven years of not seeing the man, she was not as in sync with his emotions. She felt like kicking herself.

And the worst part of the whole situation was that she couldn't even work out her own feelings toward Harry. She knew that the old friendship was coming back. But...did she feel more than friendship towards him? Were all of the old feelings for Harry coming back? Back at Hogwarts, she had liked Harry. But after 'the row', she was heartbroken and lonely. The next two years, her feelings for Harry had never wavered----until she'd met Mal. Malcolm Foxworth----charming, brave, handsome Mal that had reminded her of Harry in so many ways. He had swept her off her feet, and her torch for Harry had finally gone out. But, the difference between Mal and Harry was that...well, Harry would never have hurt her as Malcolm had. Her eyes began to well up with tears and she glanced down at her scarred forearm and frowned. No, Harry would never be the brute of a man Malcolm Foxworth had been.

"Mum," a small hand grasped her arm, causing her to jump. "Mum, come read me and Cory a story!"

"Sure, Carrie," Hermione smiled, "Run along, I'll be right there." Walking down the hallway toward the twin's room, Hermione suddenly stopped. Sighing, she looked up at the pictures that hung on the wall. Most were of Carrie and Cory---birthdays, vacations, and other random photos. Then there were two others. One was of her, Harry, and ron. It was taken sometime in 3rd year after a Quidditch match. Harry was in the middle, grinning widely and caked in mud. Ron was on his left, with his arm around Harry. Hermione on the right had a grin matching Harry's, and was excitedly pulling Harry into a one-armed hug. Another photo was just of Harry and Hermione. They were sitting on the hearthrug of the Gryffindor common room, laughing and talking very animatedly. As she looked at the photo she realized....yes. Yes, she might actually want to start a relationship with Harry.

"Muuuum, hurry up!" screeched the voice of carrie, pulling Hermione out of her thoughts once again.

"Carrieeee," Hermione mimicked playfully, "What have I told you about patience?" She entered the bedroom and sat on her son's bed. "So, what do you want me to read tonight?"

"Tell us the one about Harry Potter," Cory said, smiling. Ah, yes. The story about the mythical Harry Potter and his horrific adventures. She wondered how Cory would react when he found out his mum used to be best friends with 'the Chosen One', and that she was very possibly going to start dating him.

"Okay," said Hermione, "where should I start?" Harry Potter's story was a favorite of both Carrie and Cory; they'd heard the complete thing at least a dozen times since they were born.

"The beginning," Carrie demanded with a shriek of excitement.

Ten minutes into the story, the twins were both asleep. Carrie had moved onto her brother's bed, and then were both curled up together, almost protectively. Hermione smiled and adjusted their blanket as she stood up, tucking them in snugly.

As Hermione fell asleep that night, she knew that tomorrow would be the day.

I don't really like this chapter. It's short. And I don't like the way I wrote it. I think I've grown as an author a bit since the two months ago that I wrote it. (I wrote it toward the end of June, but like I said I've been lazy/busy. xP)
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